Kerala is known to have a tropical climate, receiving ample rainfall. While this does sound like a great thing, it sometimes leads to problems such as leakage that can be a threat to concrete structures.
The above problem can only be solved if adequate measures are taken beforehand. One of the means to keep your building / home safe during such circumstances is by providing the right waterproofing solutions.
While we care for our homes and adorn it with the best, it is also essential to look out for and rectify any potential leakages that may hinder the beauty as well as the strength of the whole structure in future.
Waterproofing is an integral part of the construction activity and its critical role must be appreciated.

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Diva Waterproffing

No damage to existing structure


Construction friendly

No need to paint

No sound pollution

Easy to apply

Save time & money

We use world renowned waterproofing products from Greenseal Products(M) Sdn from Malaysia

Renovation the wall with putty spreading plaster on wall.
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